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E-Propulsion making a mark Down Under

Australian boat owners are seeing the benefits of Mastervolt’s range of electric drive systems. Electric motors are quiet, clean, reliable and economical to run. Especially for displacement vessels such as yachts and classic boats it makes sense to convert to electric drive, as relatively little power is needed to bring a boat up to its ‘hull speed’.

Sydney based E-boating specialist Eco Boats Australia (who was previously the distributor for Bellmann) has been appointed as distributor for the Mastervolt E-propulsion range for the Australian retail and small/medium craft OEM markets. For a number of years Eco Boats Australia has been promoting Mastervolt electric propulsion and many successful implementations have been completed across a range of newly built and existing craft.

The latest conversion was recently completed on ‘Juana’ aSydneybased 8-metre class racing yacht with a modern underbody and 1930’s classic lines above the waterline. This 14 metre long, 8 tonne boat was previously powered with a 24HP diesel inboard. A 7.5kW DriveMaster Ultra was installed in combination with a thrust bearing and homokinetic coupling to ensure vibration free running. The motor gives the boat a top speed of 7 knots and is powered by a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery bank. The DriveMaster Ultra reduces the impact of the boat on its environment and gives the owner the same quiet experience under power as when under sail.

Other examples include a 12 metre long classic yacht, a timber cabin cruiser and a number of fibreglass cruising yachts that have been converted to quiet & clean electric drive using a Mastervolt DriveMaster system. Recently, the first newly built craft inAustralia using a PodMaster was launched and several new projects are underway.

Eco Boats Australia is setting up a national specialist e-propulsion dealer network, with five boat wharves and shipwrights already appointed. This will assist a further acceptation and integration of Mastervolt electric propulsion in the marine industry Down Under.

Click here for a video on ‘Juana’ racing yacht with DriveMaster Ultra 7.5kW

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