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Concept House Prototype project

Together with various industrial partners, scientists at Delft University of Technology are working on the development and prototyping of an innovative apartment building concept. Concept House is a three-year design research project in which a building system is developed that results in plug & play, energy-neutral apartments at prices in line with the prevailing market. The construction and monitoring of a 1:1 prototype is an important part of the development and optimisation process.

Mastervolt is supplying two Sunmaster XS3200 inverters that will be connected to the ICOSUN Universal systems byIcopal BVinside the building. These flexible, thin-film Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) laminates are integrated in the roof panels to provide power to the apartments. The electricity network serves as back-up.

The following goals have been determined for the Concept House Prototype project:

  • Stimulate innovation in construction;
  • Work together with the industry;
  • Focus on  sustainability and industrialisation;
  • Develop construction innovations for a wide public.

Prefabrication enables high-quality construction with a shorter building time. This will ultimately result in affordable apartments where energy costs are kept to a minimum.

Delft Innovation Award nomination
Together with 23 other innovations from Delft University of Technology, the Concept House Prototype project was nominated for a valorisation award of € 20,000. The web page of the Delft Innovation Awards shows a promotional film and you can vote on the innovation of your choice.