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Mastervolt upgrades its Mass Charger range.

Mastervolt upgrades its Mass Charger range for even better endurance in tough environments.

Leading Dutch electrical specialist Mastervolt has just completed a system-wide upgrade on its top-end battery chargers, the Mass Charger range.


These rugged chargers have already proved themselves to be completely reliable in some of the harshest conditions afloat, yet Mastervolt has made them tougher still with an even greater resistance to heat, vibration, humidity, and condensation. It has also added a number of technological improvements, including MasterBus connectivity.


Mastervolt’s Mass Chargers are part of the ‘best in class’ range. Available in 12, 24 and 48-Volt models, they are also in demand on commercial ships, explorer vessels and offshore oil installations, where they ensure that full battery power is available 24/7, which is crucial in an emergency.


What sets these chargers apart is the over-engineering of the components and the use of high-frequency electronics, which leaves them under-stressed and operating at much lower internal temperatures. The chassis is made from anodised aluminium to prevent corrosion, and Mastervolt has thoughtfully kept the footprint exactly the same as earlier models, so a straight swap during a refit or overhaul can be done with minimal down time. 


A special cooling process means the Mass Charger range can operate at full power, continuously, in an engine room with the temperature at a blistering 45 o C, and the vibration rating is to the demanding IEC60945 standard. Reliability is in excess of 280,000 hours without failure (MTBF), and the Mass Charger emits only ultra-low electromagnetic radiation, so nearby systems will be unaffected. It also has electromagnetic immunity from transformers or pumps that may share the bulkhead.


Because of the commercial and superyacht applications, the approvals on all 230V single phase 24/75 and 24/100 Mass Chargers are to DNV, Germanische Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, and Lloyds standards. This allows older chargers to be swapped for the upgrades whilst still preserving the approvals.


Rugged reliability apart, the Mass Charger also excels at its job – providing clean, DC output from what could be intermittent and unreliable shore power. In fact, the output is so clean the charger can be used as a dedicated power supply in it’s own right, with a unique power take-off.


The input range of voltages can be harnessed between 190-265V, and the heavy-duty design allows for full current delivery even though vessels cable losses require the charger to charge at a voltage of 30V.  After 20 years of research and development, the 3-phase step charger technology has proved itself to be the quickest and most efficient way to keep healthy batteries at peak condition. The process is also ideal for revitalising completely flat batteries to minimise the ill effects of total discharge.


If there is an interruption in the shore-power during the process, the Mass Charger picks up where it left off, rather than starting the 3-phase cycle all over again. There is even a setting for the delicate charging of Nickel Cadmium batteries.


Amongst the upgrades is the addition of full MasterBus connectivity, allowing the charger to communicate with the rest of a Mastervolt system by means of a single ‘plug and play’ CAN-bus cable. This provides total monitoring and automatic control of the distribution system when power is being generated from several different sources.


“We’ve made the best even better,” explained Marc Persoon, Mastervolt’s Marketing Manager. “The Mass Charger range is the ultimate in reliability. We have maintained the dimensions and connections of the earlier models, but managed to actually improve the design from the experience of 10 years of heavy use, from the Polar Regions to the Tropics.”


The Mass Charger range features 11 models in total, with two 12-volt, seven 24-volt and two 48-volt versions.


Prices start from £716.00 excluding VAT.



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