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The power of electric and hybrid propulsion

Quiet, clean, sustainable and very comfortable: there are many reasons why electric sailing is becoming increasingly popular. But there is more to electric propulsion than these assets alone, and the benefits of electric sailing apply to other types of electric propulsion. At least they can do in modern and intelligent systems featuring components which comply with the very latest technologies. With electric motors working closely together with the engine controls, battery chargers and batteries within a single system, you can make the most of the advantages of electric and/or hybrid propulsion.

Mastervolt is a specialist in the conversion, storage and management of electric power. Our battery chargers, inverters, digital switching systems, advanced Combis (charger/inverter), and Lithium Ion batteries are global market leaders. Combined with your electric propulsion, these components are the perfect building blocks for a safe and fully reliable electric system.

Hybrid applications too

The use of well thought-through Mastervolt components makes it possible to electrically power systems which are normally (hydraulically) driven by combustion engine PTOs. Brief peak capacities that provide power from the batteries via inverters make the system more efficient and prevent any unnecessary use of often oversized generators which are both polluting and require expensive maintenance. Instead, you have a smart system that efficiently supplements the limited generator capacity (peak shaving) or even makes it entirely redundant. With the efficient and high energy intake of Lithium Ion batteries, it is even possible to charge the batteries intermediately using brake power and solar panels.

Full integration

Digital switching technology and the various communication options provided by MasterBus ensure optimal integration of your system. By linking all power electronics to other systems, you can easily monitor the relevant information and operate all components.

Tailor-made advice

Mastervolt works closely with its partner IDT/Bellmarine on the electric motors and controllers, a Dutch company with a great reputation for battery-powered propulsion technology. Together with Mastervolt, the specialists at IDT/Bellmarine will be pleased to explain the best propulsion solutions and related prices and delivery details. In this way, Mastervolt provides a contemporary solution for composing bespoke propulsion systems!


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