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Malfunctions and defects can occur at the most unfortunate moments. At Mastervolt we understand that you expect and require fast service support in such cases. 

In case of a malfunctioning or defective product, we recommend contacting your local supplier or a Mastervolt dealer or service point in your region.

Mastervolt offers its clients worldwide service via our global network. If you do not have a Mastervolt dealer or service point in your region, contact the nearest Mastervolt country organisation or our Technical Support department,

Whenever you report a technical malfunction or defect, please provide Mastervolt with the following information: 

  • The serial number of all relevant products.
  • Proof of purchase of the product or proof of delivery of your system. When a product is built-in to a vessel or camper, we need the name of the builder, year of construction, construction number and date of delivery.
  • A signed checklist and numbered warranty certificate (only relevant in case of extended warranty).


The serial number is required to facilitate quick processing of your service/repair request as it contains the production date and product version. Click here for an explanation of the composition of your product’s serial number.


Mastervolt provides the following repair options:


  1. 1.      Flat Rate repairs

The Flat Rate applies to battery chargers, inverters and combis, which are listed on the ‘Non Warranty Flat Rates’ pricelist, no more than five years after the date of purchase.


For an up-to-date Flat Rate pricelist, contact your supplier.


The benefits of Flat Rate repairs:

  • Price of repairs is given in advance
  • Repairs occur within 10 working days of their arrival at Mastervolt Amsterdam.


  1. 2.      Time/Material repairs

Time/Material repairs are repairs in which the price is based on the actually used time and materials. The minimum rate applied is the Flat Rate. If the costs of repair are higher than the Flat Rate, you will receive a quotation for repair or replacement via your service point.


3. Rapid Switch

RapidSwitch is a switch system for current models of Mastervolt battery chargers, inverters and combis. The system guarantees the replacement of your defective product in a single action, which can save you a lot of time. RapidSwitch© units, or S-units, are units that have been repaired and fully refurbished. This means that they are technically new and contain the latest hardware and software updates. Contact your Mastervolt dealer about the availability of these S-units.


4. ‘New for Old’ replacements

A product can also be replaced in accordance with the New for Old scheme. This option is available in the following cases:

  • The construction and/or used materials make it impossible to repair the defect product.
  • The repair costs are not in proportion to the expected lifespan of the product, for example as a result of the obsolescence of other electronic components.


In these cases Mastervolt offers a replacement at a significantly reduced price.


Contact your supplier for the current list of products eligible for the New for Old scheme.


Warranty conditions

Mastervolt guarantees as standard the functioning of its products in case of normal use (in accordance with the specifications given) for a period of two years for maritime products. The warranty period starts after the product or component has been purchased from a Mastervolt retailer (unless the manual or other description indicates otherwise, for example for generators and batteries).


The warranty can be extended at the time of purchase for a period of five years. Ask your Mastervolt dealer for the possibilities.


The product warranty extends to the costs of repairs and/or replacement of defect components. The possible costs of (dis)assembly, shipment and/or the travel expenses of the technicians are not included.


The warranty lapses when damage has resulted from the use of Mastervolt products in circumstances not included in the specifications, from incorrect installation or maintenance and/or from exchange or modifications that was performed by parties other than Mastervolt certified service points.


For the complete warranty conditions of maritime products, click here.


Return shipments for repairs or warranty replacements 
We recommend letting your Mastervolt service point coordinate all return shipments, unless specifically agreed otherwise with the Technical Support department inAmsterdam. The following conditions apply to all return shipments: 

  • An RMA (Return Materials Authorisation) registration number is required for the fast processing of all return shipments. This number should be stated on all packaging and documentation. RMA numbers are available via your Mastervolt service point.
  • All return shipments should be sent toAmsterdampostage paid. Mastervolt will not accept the costs of shipment, handling or import duties.
  • Return shipments should be provided with the correct documentation, including phone numbers, contacts, return addresses and a clear description of the reason for return.


NB: Never return a product to Mastervolt Amsterdam without the RMA number!